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Authors are sadists. Look at what we do to our characters.

3 August 1987
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Name: Fausta Rousseau
Alias: Fallacious Foresight, aka Falle (Follé; Folly)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, but leaning towards lesbian
{ neurosis }
A fanatical, unhealthy addiction to reading and writing horror / horror-mystery stories. More often than not, she’ll go on writing sprees until ungodly hours of the morning. It doesn’t seem to interfere with her energy or performance in school, however. If you asked her, she’d tell you that she’s used to it after doing it for years.

Falle is also somewhat of a composer. She has a penchant for taking classical music pieces and modifying them to suit her own tastes on the piano. It’s a form of stress relief, and it also helps her to develop a certain mood for a story that she’s writing. The end result is as much her own work as the original. Generally the pieces have a macabre sort of sound, but not always.

F has a deep-seated hatred for keeping things organized. Even her handwriting is horrible. When she writes so fast and furiously, it’s no wonder, really. Her room is locked in a perpetual state of disarray. As long as she can still find everything she needs, it’s good enough for her.

In recent months, Falle has started to develop Type II Bipolar disorder. She’s well aware of this fact, and even welcomes her hypomanic episodes as an asset to her creativity. As such, she adamantly refuses all help in the form of counseling or medication.
{ vision }
Hair - - > Short, messy, and a rich russet in colour
Eyes - - > Silvery grey
Complexion - - > Dark olive skin
Height - - > 5’1”, 154 cm
Weight - - > 97 pounds
Dress - - > Sophisticated, simple, and practical. She refuses to wear skirts or anything with the colour pink on principle. For the most part, she dresses in greens or reds. She doesn’t care for jewelry all that much, apart from the occasional necklace.
Other - - > Overall, Falle is a sweet, tiny little girl who appears to be very likeable and approachable. She doesn’t completely disregard her appearance, but she doesn’t exactly put all that much effort into it either. She’s the kind of girl who’s blessed with enough natural beauty to never need to wear makeup in her life. Which is good, because she’d say that she doesn’t have the time to spare for trivial business like that.
Avatar Image - - > Cisqua from Elemental Gelade (colour-modified)
{ in a word... }
Independent, artistic, and moody. Those three words pretty much sum up Falle’s personality.

Ever since she was young, Falle has been very mature for her age. By the time she was six she had the reasoning capabilities or a normal high school student, and by ten she was studying university-level subjects. Her early insatiable thirst for knowledge is what led her to develop a clever enough mind to end up at Wammy’s.

Curiosity is Falle’s driving force in life. Every minute of every day, she’s trying to discover something new. It’s her belief that nothing is without value, and that everyone has some piece of knowledge to share. Falle will try everything once, no matter how irregular, impossible, or illicit it seems.

F does quite well in school, constantly ranking among the top in each of her classes. In particular, she possesses a great deal of proficiency in the fields of science, literature, and languages. Geography she’s not too keen on, and neither is anything requiring physical activity. F hates to move when she feels there’s no need for it. The only times you’ll see her out of the building are when she goes for the occasional walk around the grounds to get her inspiration flowing.

This girl’s mind works a little bit unusually. When she sees something, she’ll immediately profile that thing in her mind, using both technical and artistic description. She constantly hears the words in her mind that describe how she’s feeling or what’s around her. As such, her mind works very rapidly, and sometimes in many directions at once. She can be writing a biology paper and at the same time planning out a story word-for-word. It’s both a gift and a curse, she’ll tell you. Her heightened processing ability fills her mind to bursting with so many thoughts at once that she can never truly relax. Sleep is also often difficult for her to achieve. If she’s trying, it generally takes her at least two hours for her to settle down enough.

Her art is her passion. This consists of her music and writing. As far as music goes, Falle is adept at classical piano. She loves being able to express her purest, strongest emotions that no words can convey through music. Oftentimes she’ll be found in the common room, sitting with sheet music in front of her and playing away.

More than music, Falle is in love with her writing. She’s been at it as long as she can remember. She’s quite secretive of her work; only showing it to those people who she trusts will appreciate it for its literary content and not disregard it for its violence and gore.

When it concerns complete strangers, however, that is a different story. Her great level of maturity allows her to pass as an adult with ease when communicating through email. Unbeknownst to the other members and staff at Wammy’s House, she submits a lot of her work to magazines, anthologies, and contests under a pseudonym. She makes a quite a bit off of it, too. All of the money that she makes, she keeps in a secure online banking account which she leaves for the most part untouched. Falle is keeping it so that when she leaves Wammy’s House, she’ll have enough to live off of for a good couple of years. Planning ahead is something that she’s always been good at.

Falle’s major downfall is the great measure of pride that she takes in her writing. She loves praise and she likes suggestions for improvement, but even so much as hint at saying that the story was bad and she’ll instantly and angrily jump to her defense. It’s like that with her schoolwork, too. She admits that although she may not be at the top of her class, her work is more than simply noteworthy. It’s gotten her into violent arguments with her teachers in the past.

Among everyone else, however, Falle gets along well. She likes dealing with the older students or adults more than with the children. Her favourite form of company is people who have interesting personalities and unique ways of thinking, no matter how crazy they may seem. Falle takes inspiration from everyone she meets.

A sweet little girl with a passion for the grotesque and all the confidence of a lioness. It’s about time she got her wake-up call.

(F is for fiction)
(F is for fixation)
(F is for fantasy; ferocity and fear)
(F is for Faust, the man who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for earthly knowledge)
(F is for fallacious flattery)
(F is for flawed foresight)
{ backstory }
Born August 3rd 1987, in Turin, Italy. Daddy was a cop (a CSI) and Mommy was a housewife (a craftswoman). A happy, normal, couple, and a happy, normal upbringing for a child. Not like a lot of the other Wammy’s House kids.

Little Fausta was an clever, pretty young child. She wasn’t spoiled, although she did receive a lot of love from her parents. Everything was perfect until her mother landed in the hospital for breast cancer treatment and died some six months after her diagnosis. It had been a trying time for all three of them, and her father soon sunk into depression in mourning for his beloved wife. At Fausta’s insistence, he went to see a psychologist and was put on medication for about a year. After that, he was fine. Fausta was seven at the time.

Fausta took care of herself very well after her mother had passed away. Her father was always kind and supportive. When she started to show genuine interest in his police cases, he would give her photos of evidence and explain the details concerning the case. Fausta had always been extremely mature for her age, and seemed completely unaffected even by the most violent of scenes. This way, she led to help her father and the rest of the police force sort out a bunch of their more difficult cases. On several occasions, her father brought Fausta in to look around the crime labs and see the forensic investigators at work. She really enjoyed that.

Then, the second disaster in her otherwise happy life struck. It had been on a routine investigation, just her father and a few other CSIs scouting a recent crime scene. How were they supposed to know that the murderer’s accomplice had planted a time bomb in the basement? Tick, tick, boom. A split-second glance of fire before the ceiling collapsed on them. The lives of her father and two other police members were claimed that day. At least their end was quick.

After that, Fausta refused help from any of her family friends or relatives. Yes, she was taken to stay with her horrible aunt, but she ran away three days afterwards and stuck herself in an orphanage for the next couple of years. She was about eleven or so when she arrived there.

Anything that the teachers gave her, she found too easy. They’d made the mistake of starting her off on exercises according to her physical age and not her mentality. She never told them about how she already possessed scientific and literary knowledge more befitting of a university student than a young child. No, she liked getting everything done and over with quickly. It gave her more time to devote to her own personal studies.

A young caretaker, Amanda, came to work at the orphanage not long after Fausta had arrived there. It was from her that she acquired her proficiencies of speaking English and playing the piano. Amanda was also the one who encouraged her to continue with her writing. That had been a hobby of Fausta’s ever since she had learned how to read. Everything that she had written prior to her parents’ deaths had been so lighthearted and sweet, but she started to develop more of a taste for the macabre mysteries afterwards. With that encouragement, she was motivated to further develop that skill until it began to become her passion. Her obsession.

That obsession continues now, even at Wammy’s House. She’s relatively new to the place, having only arrived there a few months ago. The name she took, Fallacious Foresight, was from one of her more interesting characters that her mind has given birth to. Fausta seemed to think it fitting.
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Fallacious Foresight is a character of the_succession played by ekardnamal.
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